Glass jar HILO 100 ml *complete pallets*

We deliver these articles in cooperation with our partner CAPARDONI, Milan directly from stock Italy.

From our stock you can choose lids in different colors. But you can also get any color you like from 25.000 pieces on with a special production.

Delivery time: Usually within 3 weeks.

Glass jar HILO 100 ml *complete pallets*

Glass jar
Minimum quantity: 11.520 pieces

Colour: clear glass
Diameter: 63.0 mm
Height: 61.0 mm
Weight: 167.2 g

Lid with mounted foam inlay
Minimum quantity: 12.870 pieces

Colour: white, black, gold-metallised, silver-metallised or PP-PCR ivory white
Diameter: 62.0 mm
Height: 13.5 mm
Weight: 13,4 g

Minimum quantity: 12.960 pieces

Colour: white
Price on request