General Sales and delivery terms

1. Generally, delivery terms EXW (Ex Works) are applied.

2. Generally, payment terms applied 30 days after the invoice date. After the due date, interest is calculated according to current rules.

3. Should prices be higher on the delivery date than on the date of order confirmation, the buyer is entitled to the lower price. Is the price increase due to increased customs and duty rates, government fees, exchange rate (xx%) extraordinary increase in commodity prices, or energy costs are added to these costs when invoicing to the customer.

4. BIPAC is dependent on suppliers' terms of sale and delivery, which are implemented towards our customers (terms are provided on request).

5. Delivery time is confirmed with written order confirmation.

6. Any change in delivery time does not entitle the buyer to cancel the order.

7. he goods are delivered as close to the specified delivery address as possible without danger to the driver or transport vehicle. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that their own staff is on site for unloading.

8. It is the buyer's responsibility to check the goods correspond to what has been ordered in terms of number and nature.

9. It is the buyer's responsibility to investigate and test that our products have the properties that are appropriate for the buyer's use.

10. Complaints must be seen within 8 days after delivery and before the goods have undergone any form of processing.